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Positive Vibes

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Let's be honest here. No one likes to be dealing with negative people. Today, I challenge you to share your positivism with people you do not know. This is a great challenge in my everyday life because it helps me shift my thinking when I'm feeling off or just not having a good day.

Yoga Mindset
Positive Living

It seems like negativity is in every place we turn. From tv news, to social media to even the people that sometimes are around you. The good thing about this, is that we have the power to push bad negative energy out and pull positive energy in. It's just a matter of practice.

“There's always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.” -- Kathryn Budig

One thing that has helped me the most in channeling positive vibes and realigning myself with my chakras has been through the practice of Yoga. There are great Yoga Studios in #sanfrancisco and in the bay area. My favorite places are Baptiste Yoga & Yoga To The People.

Yogi Practice
Yoga Flow

Be Open To It.

All it takes is your mindset to help you try something new (if you have not yet done it) or to continue to practice it every day. #Yogaeverydamnday is my motto and I go by it pretty much religiously. It's all about the uncomfortable feeling that has me enjoy it the most. Ironically, a comfort zones are not was cause growth but its always the opposite. You'll never know what you can discover or whom you can connect with. Did I mention it's also a great #fitness option? If you have goals to increase energy, improve your #flexibility or even learn to be more stable, then i'm sure you'll love this!

Oh yea, I never wear hats but this one caught my attention. It's a welcoming message to those I come across paths with during the day. You never know who might appreciate a simple #hello from a stranger. A little love never hurt anyone so I'm going to continue sharing positive vibes everywhere I go. I hope you do too! #style #happy

Fitness Workout, San Francisco, CA
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