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Barrys Bootcamp-- Fit Fam

Alright, can we get any more serious on our fitness goals when it comes to ramping up exercises and using muscles that you never thought you would use? Well, Barry's Bootcamp certainly puts that kick into high gear.

At first, I was skeptical in knowing what the type of experience I was going to have because i knew the rooms they use were small and it was going to be crammed with other folks that are seeking to vamp up their fitness regime too. These studio like fitness centers are small and the large groups that show up can definitely feel like a claustrophobic situation.

Barrys Bootcamp Outdoors
Barrys Bootcamp 260 King Street San Francisco CA

Alright enough of that shenanigans lets focus on the good stuff. The instructor was pretty energetic in the sense that he was motivating you and pushing to keep going when you were probably falling behind or looking a little bit week when it came to certain exercises.

I started off in their low block -- which is closer to the front of the room. We started focusing on push ups, planks and a few body weight resistant exercises. This kept going for about 25 minutes until the group that was on the treadmill switched with the folks that were on the floor.

Barrys Bootcamp San Francisco, CA
Barrys Bootcamp

I have to say that 25 minutes into this, I was starting to feel the burn and I definitely did start feeling muscles that I didn't know I was able to target with those movements.

The cool thing is the exercises were a mixture of different types all together. After jumping onto the treadmill and slowly scaling up with the speed and hustle to stay afloat -- I knew this was going to be a workout that you definitely hear about in military bootcamps. LOL, hence the name Barrys Bootcamp.

Man! Once I was halfway in I noticed my iWatch was keeping track of my high intensity workout through the tracker that allows you to turn on, when you try to capture your fitness goals. My heartbeat was beating and it was quite in my fitness zone. So, this was cool to see especially the green light that comes on to measure your pulse.

heart rate sensor green apple watch
iwatch heart rate sensor

Any who, the best part of the finishing up your workout is the protein shake bar! YES! you read that right. The bar has a menu where some of the shakes are created by the fitness instructors and some are already part of that location.

Protein Bar Shake Barrys Bootcamp
Protein Shakes at Barrys

Try out a class and let me know what you think!

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