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BMW: Design & Inspiration.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

When the sun is out and you're craving inspiration, there is no better way than to have the help of those who know it well. I had the opportunity to jump into a BMW 4 Series this weekend and drive down to Monterey & up to Sausalito for a whirlwind of adventure.

Tiburon CA
BMW 4 Series

The ride was awesome. I've never felt like a kid in an incredible driving adventure. Driving on Highway 1 to Monterey and maneuvering the #California state curves and feeling the awesome breeze through the sunroof while listening to my favorite dance beats -- couldn't have made for a more adventurous weekend.

Future Mobility = Creative Designs.

“Light & Art melt into one. ” Bold Voices

Every piece of content that I create originates from an idea that is innovative enough to be creative within its own element(s). The beauty can sometimes be while standing, while walking or in this case -- while driving. Which is why I decided to seek more ideas while connecting with those who do it well. Feeling inspired for future #adventures to come.

Those Curves.

Moving without staying stagnant can help you have a clearer picture. You'll never know what might come into fruition when you take the first step to discover more that is beyond the horizon.

Monterey CA
BMW 4 Series

Make this #summer an exciting one yet. Make more memories, spend time with friends & family and discover more of yourself by letting go.

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