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The heat is on. C A L I F O R N I A

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Color, California is blasting us with it's summer rays at it's full potential and I am loving it. What's more than sitting by the pool, drinking sangria and wearing a cool H&M summer outfit? Whether you're at the beach, hanging out in your own pool or hanging at someone else's ---> this summer will be a blast.

Donut Pool Float
Donut Worry -- everything is gonna be ok!

Yes, today was the day to float freely for a few hours on a delicious donut float. Covered in sprinkles and layered in delicious vanilla cotton candy icing. The slim fit pink gear I wore was perfect for the occasion since it complimented the whole afternoon with colors that worked well together. Oh and did I mention iced cold sangria, too? (not pictured...i know....i drank it all)

It's in the P!nk

“Keep Calm & Go Swim ” ― Hex

Finding time for yourself is important. It's a good way to reflect and meditate for your next decision in life. If it's either big or small -- it will help your focus for the next thing. You can do it all -- both fashionable and leisurely (Yes, I said it.) #keepcalm

Swimwear for summer!

Let's get back to the good stuff: Swimwear. Finding the best outfits are a must need! You never know when you need to show up to a cool summer event that requires the best swimsuit or when you just want a lazy day you want at the beach or swim solo in your own pool. H&M has vacation style colors and patterns that are in style -- so many to choose from -- you'll definitely find the right one that fits you best.

Yellow Palm Print Swimwear
HM Swimwear

Gay Beach Wear -- Purple Shorts
H&M Short Swim Shorts

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