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Speedo & Sun in Pacific Palisades

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

LA summer weather is great. Nothing beats like taking the whole day to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm rays along with the cool breeze that caress your body with the soothing sounds of the water waves.

Los Angeles, CA
Bubble Butt in Speedos

Living in LA is great especially when you have free time and a flexible schedule to explore the city and surrounding spots. Will Rogers State Beach is a great beach to relax and enjoy. The best thing about this beach is that during the weekday it is pretty much all to yourself. (Well not really, but it's not crowded like other beaches nearby.)

“After a visit to the beach, it's hard to believe we live in a material world.” -- Pam Shaw

It's true. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the natural gifts this world gives us for free because we're so caught up on our materialistic living. I do have to admit, the speedo choice took a while to be selected before I actually wore it. If we're being honest here -- some materialistic decisions do matter for all or any So-Cal Trips taken. :)

Surfing, Perry's and beaches.

Santa Monica is just a drive down the 101, so it makes super convenient to find a place to eat and enjoy a few drinks in the area. That is, if there is no traffic. If there is, you might have to wait in your car a little longer. But it's worth it. Perry's was unfortunately closed during the day I stopped by but next time -- I hope to catch it when its open. Bike rentals are available but if you have your own then bring it with you to stroll the beach. Cali #summers are looking vibrant and can't wait to maybe explore a #nudebeach soon. More on that soon!

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