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Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I'm happy to know you have stopped by to my blog to read more about this personal side about my life that I never talk about.

I know. Not everyone is the same and I completely understand we're all different in many ways, even in coping with our feelings and emotions in our own way. This is why I'm sharing my story -- in hopes that it will help you realize what might work best for you.

As I continue this journey in life, i realize more and more that I have fears that I need to challenge myself to overcome. One thing that I used to fear the most was to go out and do things on my own without anyone with me. For example: going to a bar and enjoying the scene while drinking my favorite glass of wine or venturing out into the wilderness to enjoy mother natures beautiful creations completely on my own.

After dealing with my depression and coping with it for days, weeks and even months -- it dawned on me that I need to constantly challenge myself to do things and grow out of safety bubble that kept me feeling sad and unmotivated within myself.

Let me explain further on what I mean by this. When it comes to understanding ourselves, it is important to be honest with what makes us tick, what makes us react and what makes us feel a certain way. I'm speaking in terms of knowing your reality of who you are as a person that you can only tell yourself -- of which it is kept private and not shared with others out loud.

Encourage yourself to go against your fears. This is a great way to overcome a few bumps to understand your depression. It has helped me -- even on the slightest and most generic tasks of the day like the ones mentioned in my Instagram post.

Enjoying nature has been a big help for me and has been one of the best ways to go through this process naturally, organic and most holistic treatment, without taking any medication. I'm happy I have found my inner strength to rise up and I hope you do too.




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