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Rosé -- A Favorite Glass on a summer cali day.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

90 degree weather. Check. Bocce Ball. Check. The Perfect Outfit. Check.

Wine Tasting
Rosé For Summer

I have to admit. I wasn't a wine aficionado until about a year ago when I was in my previous relationship. It was quite the adventure when I was dating my ex. We went to different vineyards, tried new food and discovered new wines from local wineries and imported wineries.

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food." W.C. Fields

Living in California with amazing vineyards, makes any good day of the week fun to enjoy. Whether you are out to explore, get to know the locals or even got lost for the sake of adventure -- a chilled Rosé should do the trick.

Wine Time
Instagram:: Hexxiigon

Courtyard Laughter.

A great game of Bocce with friends following it up with great food, campfire smores and a quick photo shoot make it all worth it. Time doesn't exist on our end (at least we like to think so) so we let the day go by while the pours keep coming.

Wine Story
Wine Lovers

Floral Prints + Wine = the perfect sipping ensemble.

Light blues & Pink flower prints are a comfortable combo for a warm summer day. Goodfellow & Co. has some sweet options to choose from as well as H&M, too. Shop the look and style up on your next wine adventure.



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