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Ice Cream Haven: Salt & Straw

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Have you heard "the coldest summer I have ever spent was in San Francisco" (question mark)

It pretty much sums up the truth in the city by the bay. Driving into the city and outside of the city is like dealing with mother nature's unstable emotions to let us have a full on warm summer weather or have a cold winter weather. It sounds ridiculous but it's pretty much the truth. You have to experience it to believe it.

Anyway, let's focus on the good stuff. I'm in and out of the city a lot and I have to play this weather game back and forth with light clothes that will keep me cool when I am outside the city and thicker clothes to keep me nice and snug like a pug when i'm in SF.

However, we always forget you can have the best of both worlds. I know. Let me explain.

Once you get caught up in this rift-raft of mother natures mood swings -- you'll know what I mean. As I was coming back into San Fran -- I literally started to crave ice cream. I'm guessing it was the heat because I was hot and the weather was hot AND my conditioner was on blast.

Detoured directly to the closest ice cream shop I could find. I looked and behold -- I saw it. The Salt & Straw, just there, staring back right at me. Probably smiling back at me too saying "you're here, I've been waiting for you." -- (I like using my imagination a lot just in case you didn't know.)

best ice cream in san francisco
Salt & Straw SF Location

As any other happy camper would do -- I entered the delicious smelling ambiance of freshly made waffle cones in the works. The guy that helped me out (wish I could remember his name) was pretty awesome. He asked me right away if I have any food allergies. Thank goodness I don't but I did want to stay with vegan ice cream options. Of course they had a few to choose from (limited menu) that were quite the delicious. As I was looking further at the menu -- yummy key words were starting to make me feel excited, like -- "matcha", "honey lavender" & even "caramel ribbons" Sound pretty amazing, right?

Fortunately enough for me, it didn't take too long to say "ok i'm ready for your flight" -- LOL.

I got their flight of four scoops of different flavors.

1. Breakaway Matcha & Black Raspberry.

2. Honey Lavender (exquisite by the way.)

3. Organice Roots Arbequina Olive Oil (very interesting)

4. Lemon Buttermilk w/ Blueberries.

Ice Cream San Francisco
Ice Cream Flight at Salt & Straw

I literally died dead. They were all so good! Fillmore street is full of so much life that all I had to do was people watch and enjoy e-v-e-r-y spoonful slooooowwwlly. I highly recommend this place. I missed out on their beet flavored ice cream which honestly I'm excited to try --since I enjoy "odd everything" even in ice cream flavors.

Unique Ice Cream Flavors
Entrance Salt & Straw

I recommend for you to go in with an open mind and just let your little taste buds explore different and all ways. Yes, that means even if you have to lick the spoon in unusual ways in front of other people. Who cares. Knock yourself out and just give in. You can always sample them to make sure you don't get a full scoop of something you won't like. I highly doubt you won't dislike any of them.

"Ice Cream Solves Everything." -- Hex licking his ice cream.

The beautiful thing about this ice cream journey was the fact that i was snuggled up in my cold gear and still was able to enjoy hot weather cravings -- just as if you were in 99 degree weather. Ah two beauties coming together. (Again, I like using my imagination. A lot)

Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations on ice creams -- I am all ears!



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