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Tasty Finds: Cupcakes

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Mmmm yummy cupcakes with your favorite iced coffee, makes life so smitten. Always treat yourself to an indulging sweet cupcake. You deserve it.

San Francisco, CA
Susie Cakes

The sun is shining, the bay waters are breezy and the San Francisco weather is as warm as an 80 degree afternoon in Los Angeles. The only that was missing to enjoy a good in the Marina District was something sweet, yet something small to be paired with the views and of course my iced coffee.

One cupcake, Maybe two.

“You can't be sad when holding a cupcake.”

My taste buds definitely knew what they wanted. So walking through Chestnut Street in finding the perfect colorful edible art; was a set objective. I went on a mission to find dessert after dinner and ended up at SusieCakes.

Too many to choose from.

Intimidating? I think not. Well, I lied but that's not the point.

I knew I wanted something fulfilling but didn't know exactly what. With so much to choose from, I definitely had to gaze with close attention to the variety that was before my eyes. I stared. Not kidding. I did. Until one of the employees awoke me from my daze.

After realizing there was also a long long after realizing I was deep in a cupcake hypnotic state of mind. I had to choose the two cupcakes that caught my eye. So I did, I took them with me and kept them snug and safe until I got to my next destination near the Marina Green.

Marina District, San Francisco

Just look at that yummy cupcake. It's all mine. But I can share. So, you can have some. The result was flavorful, perfect and all around amazing. So glad, I have discovered what I was seeking as an #sffoodie in #sanfrancisco.

Love Sweets? Share your favorite spots below!

To I love sweets, so if you know of any awesome (preferably hidden) #sf baked goodies, comment below and let me know! I would love to discover new finds and share them with you all.



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