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San Francisco Sport:: SOULCYCLE

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Morning workouts with the right attitude -- & you're set for the rest of the day. Sweat it, pump up the volume, flow with the energy and feel the burn.

Marina District, San Francisco, CA
Soul Cycle Marina District

Mornings without a good workout tend to make my day physically unfulfilled. By this I mean, making sure I start the day with a good exercise that is going to get me ready for rest of the day. Yoga flows or a good routine in the gym usually works but if you're like me, sometimes trying something different and getting out of the fitness plateau is what we need.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -- Aristotle

A big shout out goes to Tirrell for definitely kicking my butt and putting everyone in his class on his #soulcycle fitness level. Walking out of the room sweating, sore and tired out couldn't have been any better. His class was full of energy and felt engaging with everyone in the room. Totally recommend it!

San Francisco, CA

Sore & Ready To Do It All Over Again

Variety is key for a good #workout. So the more challenging and different fitness routines are -- I think it's safe to say your body will appreciate it as it will help you get closer to your fitness goals in the long run. Grab your Starbucks, catch a class in the morning and that should rev you up for the day ahead. So far, I have explored #Soulcycle in the Castro and #Soulcycle in the Marina District. Both are great. Depending on what you're seeking -- I can most definitely suggest for you to get to know the instructors -- to feel their flow and get a better understanding on what you're looking for in a class. I like classes to be intense and challenging that put me on the edge or practically where I want to quit. That's the #challenge for me. Did I mention I #glowed during my session? I did, I certainly did.

Castro District, San Francisco CA
Soul Cycle Castro District

Give SoulCycle a go and share your thoughts, experience and recommendations below.



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