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Speedo. Check. Camera. Check.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

The weekend is here. Yipee! And what better way is there to cool of in this hot weather in June? Speedos & a pool. Yes, be there all day, every day of the week. Going underwater and capturing a few pics kept me busy throughout the day. Check out the pics below.

Underwater Photos
Under Water

Great way to entertain yourself. Also, if you're feeling creative, it is a great way to motivate yourself and be part of the creative process. The cool thing out of all of this? The tan/bronze you get when almost creating and swimming naked.

"Swim." -- The Swimmers Word(s)

Apple iPhone Photography
Underwater Art

Usually I am not someone to be courageous enough to put my tech to extreme use -- but this time around, I felt I needed to stay out of my comfort zone with my gadgets. Since my iPhone isn't waterproof, I decided to get a WireCutter Case specifically for this purpose. It allowed me to record footage swimming underwater & of course take pics of some poses. Inspire yourself to do something different and unique with your photos. I'm keeping this blog short. More adventures to come.



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