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Outfit of The Day

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

With this California Summer heat coming up. Stay cool with #targetstyle options like floral prints, bright colors, & full on comfort all at reasonable prices.

Target Style
Fashion Summer

I recently discovered something unique about Target. Especially during my random shopping sprees that I have -- and if you're honest with yourself; you know you do too! A glimpse of cool colors, designs, and prints had me explore more of Targets men's fashion when I visited my local store. I started exploring more of the Goodfellow & Co brand -- and I have to say I am BLOWN away. They offer fitted options (which I love) in a variety of shirts, shorts, pants, chinos and more. Want to know the best part? Prices!

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.” -- Richard Eberhart

#pink has been my latest color obsession for summer. It's vibrant, inviting and of course wearable from head to toe. Finding these bright floral shorts gave me a smile and the confidence to get them and wear them. It seems like most guys would just skip over them to find more "subtle" colors but I didn't hesitate a bit to take them home.

Fashion Pairing

Writing Newsflash: prints (of any kind) don't go together with other prints. At least that's what the lady in that department told me when she saw me carrying these shorts and floral printed shirt. I smiled and thought to myself...."how many guys actually do that?" Then I answered that question to myself with "probably a lot." Even though I did admire her attention and immediate reaction to let me know, I also thought to myself "I know, thank you!" as I went into the dressing room to ensure they fitted like I wanted them to. All in all, it is my recommendation to give Goodfellow & Co. a try for your next outfit. Prices are reasonable and if you're lucky you might find extra savings on some of their current options. Follow my #makeyousmilestyle and #ad posts to stay up to date with some inspiration.



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