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Big sur -- DJi Mavic Air

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

I am always up to wanderlust adventures. The best way to make these adventures memorable is by capturing amazing footage like the one below with a drone that has the capability to not only bring the pictures or videos to life -- but actually make you feel like you're there. I'm so stoked to head out to Big Sur, California this weekend to capture feels and sounds that make this experiences so unique.

Big Sur California
Big Sur -- Bixby Bridge

DJi Global would be so proud! That's why I'm excited to team up with them to help you capture your own adventures to showcase them on your site or blog. You can save 4% on a Mavic Air here. I recommend this more than any other drone that is available in the market today. With this awesome gadget, you're able to fly it withing a reasonable budget. It's an upgrade from both the Mavic Pro and Mavic Spark. It has a 4k video resolution -- which will make your content crisp and less pixelated than the 1080mps Mavic Spark. It will give you about 21 minutes of flight time. It can stabilize the flight with winds roughly at 17 miles per hour.

Bixby Bridge In Big Sur, California
Bixby Bridge

Powerful and foldable for outdoor adventure. -- DJI Global
Big Sur -- Travel California
Bixby Bridge Close Up

Get out there and explore the world. Reading about it is one thing but actually making it happen and getting to these places is a whole different story. The trip to this spot did take a while so taken the best alternative route that gets you closer is recommended. Figure out which ways get you there faster. Here's a tip: Go early! The earlier that you are at Big Sur, the best experience you will have. Trust me. It will be worth it.



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