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Keep Cool & Summer On.

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

I love celebrating June babies -- we all have a friend a family member or friend that was born in one of the hottest months of the year. There are some folks that love being simple and as free as possible with the lowest fashion maintenance possible. I get it -- it's cool. However, if you're like me -- we like to take it up a notch to celebrate, stay cool and be in the summer mode.

Cancer & Gemini Zodiac -- Fashion
June Birthdays

Ah those Gemini & Cancer peeps can definitely be a fun crowd and make summer just as exciting too! A few drinks (beer or wine) is all good. I've chatted about this in my previous blog posts but I have been quite obsessed with Targets style lately. It's affordable, stylish and they have a lot to offer. This works great for me since I'm able to play with a variety of patterns and styles to put awesome outfits together. Their 7 inch low rise shorts are perfect! They fit my body exactly how I like them to! Their shirts are fitted. If you love that then I know you'll love them too! Long sleeves or short sleeves? I prefer long sleeves (rolled up) for summer. They bring a better appeal to both shorts, pants or jeans. Plaid is a great way to go since it is so versatile with solid colors.

"I've only tried to be me." -- Victoria Beckham

Shorts, shoes, accessories, shirts.
Summer Fashion

This is the exact outfit I wore in the first image. It's clean, airy and overall easy to put together. I think Victoria Beckham would be proud to have selected this ensemble. I just wish she made a male line for Target. As of right now she's mainly designing for women. So if you're a female fan of my blog -- I urge you to go check her line up! She definitely knows how to spice it up! (see what I did there? :) )

Target Style
Victoria Beckham

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