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TOp Realtor - san francisco

Every day is the perfect time to grow and go meet new horizons. I'm so excited to announce I have officially joined Vanguard Properties right here in San Francisco.

Top Real Estate Agent In The Bay Area
Real Estate San Francisco

When I was back in high school, my friends dad was a broker for his own real estate agency and he invited me to a few of his showings and to shadow him away with work a few times. I enjoyed the experience and learned a couple of strategies he showed me along the way though conversations and as well as some education I could use someday.

At that time, I was working on earning my Bachelors of Science and focus in the entertainment industry -- which originally were my passions. I geared up and focused away for a few years.

Luxury Real Estate Agent In San Francisco
Luxury San Francisco Living

I cannot lie and say that real estate was not in the cards. It always was, except it wasn't the right timing.

San Franciscos Bay area is filled with phenomenal architecture, cultures, natural beauty and of course fabulous property.

Catch me strolling the streets in different districts while capturing intrinsic candids with my Canon Rebel and my DJI Mavic Air or find me at open houses working with both buyers and sellers and maybe even working with city developers.

Contact me for any of your real estate endeavors! You'll be working with the top real estate agent in San Francisco.

Vanguard Properties



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