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Top wine bars -- San Francisco

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Wine is pretty amazing. Drink reds or whites? Or perhaps somewhere in the middle with a Rose or a Pinot Gris? Well, whichever you do decide on -- you can't go wrong with some of the places to enjoy a few favorites, discover something new and enjoy a few tasty bites in the foggy city.

One of my favorite things to look for in a wine bar is the ambiance/setting. I mean come on -- if the space has welcoming energy with awesome staff and great people who are enjoying what you love -- doesn't that make it the perfect combination of just about everything? Yes, yes it would.

There is a variety of wine bars to choose from. But, if you're like me who's always wanting a second opinion or recommendation on where to go next, then keep on reading friend.

The 3rd wine bar on my list -- Cultivar San Francisco.

Why: The space is unique and it has an urbane interior. It is cozy and welcoming serving seasonal bites and small batch boutique wines. Rose is on tap for those who love a glass or two or three. They also locally source their ingredients for all of the dishes they make. The entrance has banquette seating as well as outdoor seating near the entrance and in the back patio with heaters and a fireplace. Oh and your furry friend is welcome.

Another highlight of this wine bar they offer educational wine flights from a variety of producers and you can book tasting experiences at Cultivar Wine and Caspar Estate. Beer lovers can also enjoy Cultivar beers they have on tap.

Wine Bars in San Francisco
Cultivar SF -- Patio

The 2nd Wine Bar on my list -- The Pour House

It is a casual neighborhood centric wine and beer lounge. Most of the time they have live music and cool art installations for you to enjoy. This spot is catered more to the locals rather than tourists but if you're a tourist who wants to dine and drink like a local, then I recommend this spot. Bring a friend or a take your date here. The bartenders are pretty cool and they are welcoming so make sure to engage with them and leave them a good tip!

Wine Bar SF
The Pour House

My top pick of all in San Francisco: #1 has to be The Hidden Vine.

Seriously, this is my favorite spot in the city to try new wine, have red flights or have a glass of my favorite red blends. Not a bad place to meet new people. You'd be surprised who might be sitting next to you. (I'll just leave that at that)

This wine bar is pretty much hidden. It definitely is hidden and quietly tucked away near the financial district. They have an array selection of local wines, imported and very interesting wines. They also have bocce ball! Great to play with a friend, date or even someone new. You can't go wrong with this place and it has been pretty rare to know patrons have had anything less than an amazing experience here. Their menu offerings are to die for -- so you have to try everything at least one. How can I forget the staff? Well they're attentive, serve p great hospitality and make you feel right at home. As mentioned in my second top wine bar -- this place is geared more towards to the locals in the area but if you're not from SF and want to wine and dine like a local then this is a must on your list for wine and food.

Top Wine Bars in San Francisco
The Hidden Vine SF

Check back to see more recommendations that I might add to the list for you to try. There are numerous wine bars in the city and in the bay area to enjoy but these three are must and you can't go wrong. Hopefully this saves you time in searching for the right spot. Explore them and let me know what you think!

Happy wining friends.



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