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La Playa: pLayground by the Beach

Have you been to Carmel lately?

This little quaint town is so well manicured and tailored with perfect curb appeal in just about every corner. I'm seriously obsessed with so much that you can do here. You can enjoy the wine spots (sharing a few of my favorite later), restaurants, shops and of course the beach.

Even though there are things to do here -- I am obsessed in finding a little treasure known as La Playa.

If you haven't been -- it is pretty much a hotel over looking the homes in the area where you can get beautiful views of the pacific ocean. If there is no fog coming in and the sun is out, then you have a clear view up ahead.

So during my visit -- I enjoyed the bar and chatted with the bartender who was pretty much an awesome person to chat and enjoy a few sips of their wine with. I tried a variety and let me tell ya -- I was not disappointed. :)

The courtyard sometimes can have some activities going on (I've been here a few times where I have seen weddings, locals hanging out and even events taking place.)

The have huge chess pieces to play a game with a friend or take awesome shots while you're there.

Things to do in Carmel California
La Playa Carmel

Visually appealing? Oh wait until you're here. It is quite the delightful experience.

Bring a friend or explore it yourself. You can't go wrong in getting to know the staff or meeting up with some locals in the area. There were a few surfers walking the streets near the place so that was fun to chat with them about my surfing adventures. (will post soon!)

Fun Fact: This location is 110 years old! Since 1905 until today!

Get lost and let me know what you think when you visit!

Best Hotels in Carmel, California
La Playa -- Hotel



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